Herbal Honey and How To Make It

What Is Herbal Honey?

Honey has been used as a healing substance of thousands of years. In particular Greeks and Egyptians used honey in many remedies, Greek healers used honey water and vinegar water as their primary cures whereas Egyptians used honey in the vast majority of their remedies. This is due to honey being antibacterial it can counter infections in the intestines, in the respiratory system, on the skin and throughout the body. Honey is also hydroscopic which basically means that it can hold moisture wherever it is and can even draw moisture out of the air around it. A good example of this would be honey facial as it leaves skin smooth and moist. These two amazing fees make honey ideal option heal many different kinds of wounds (burns, bruises, sore throats, bacterial diarrhoea). Honey is also a great source of vitamins B, C, D and E as well as some minerals appears to strengthen the immune system.
Herbal honey is simple to make and is done by simply pouring honey over fresh herbs and allowing the honey and herbs to merge together over a period of time. This works because when herbs are infused into honey all of the water-soluble components of the herb are absorbed into the honey along with the oils to, many of which are anti-infective and highly beneficial for your body. Herbal honeys taste great and are highly medicinal.

How To Make Your Own Herbal Honey

1. Chop the fresh herb of your choice as coarsely as possible.
2. Put all of the high view of chopped into a jar.
3. Pour honey into the jar, we recommend using a chopstick to work it all together.
4. Seal it tightly and then label it

The herbal honey you have made will be ready to use in as little as a couple days, however it will be more beneficial medicinal if allowed to sit for six weeks as it takes time for the honey and herbs to react with each other.

That’s the basics of Herbal Honeys, there are many different types you can make and we highly recommend you experiment with new ingredients etc. We will also be adding a new article soon with some of our very own recipe’s for herbal honeys!

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