Ultimate Survival and Prepper Skills List

Ultimate Survival and Prepper Skills List

Here’s our survival and prepping skills list .This will be updated regularly with more skills over time. So remember to bookmark the page and check back regularly so you can expand your skillset!

Bushcraft Skills

1. How To Start A Fire, also check out our article about 3 items for primitive fire starting
2. How To Identify Edible Plants
3. How To Navigate At Night
4. How To Tie Various Knots
5. How To Use Survival Signals
6. How To Use Your Survival Knife, also check out our buying guide
7. Rudimentary Construction Skills
8. How To Cook On An Open Fire
9. How To Make A Deadfall Trap
10.Basic Guide To Foraging Food
11.Finding And Identifying Safe Drinking Water
12.Filter And Boiling Water For Consumption
13.How To Collect Rain Water
14.Predicting The Weather Based On The Sky
15.How To Dispose Of Your Waste Safely
16.How To Sharpen A Survival Knife
17.How To Properly Load A Backpack
18.Finding Suitable Tinder

Homesteading Skills

1. Making Your Own Self Sufficient Garden
2. Creating Fertile Soil
3. How To Store Food Long Term
4. How To Breed Livestock
5. Collecting Seeds For Future Harvests

First Aid And Survival Hygiene Skills

1. Basic Hygiene Practices In The Wilderness
2. How To Take Care Of Your Feet In The Wilderness
3. Basic Grooming Skills
4. Understanding Radiation, Fallout And How You Can Protect Yourself
5. Surviving Hypothermia
6. How To Make A Splint
7. Herbal Remedies For Preppers
8. How To Suture And Treat Wounds

Animal, Tracking and Hunting Skills

1. How To Fish In The Wilderness, also check out our Spear Fishing Guide
2. How To Track Animals
3. How To Be Stealthy
4. How To Use A Bow And Arrow
5. How To Clean Fish And Wild Game
6. Learning How To Outsmart Wildlife
7. How To Ride A Horse
8. How To Repel Insects

Shelter Related Skills

1. Assessing and Locating Suitable Campsites
2. How To Build A Shelter
3. How To Build A Snow Hut

Crafting and Maintaning Survival Items And Equipment

1. How To Make A Bow And Arrow
2. How To Make A Fishing Net
3. How To Make A Paracord Bracelet
4. Making Your Own Sunscreen
5. Learn How To Repair And Mend Clothing

Miscellaneous Survival Skills

1. How To Learn And Use Morse Code
2. How To Be Fit For When SHTF
3. How To Defend Yourself
4. How To Repair A Vehicle
5. How To Use Ham Radio For Communication In A Disaster Scenario
6. Basic Electronics Maintenance And Repair
7. How To Preserve Your Food
8. How To Train Your Situation Awareness
9..How To Make A Basic Weapon
10.How To Safely Climb A Tree
11.How To Read A Map And Use A Compass
12.How To Sew
13.Learning How To Swim
14.How To Cross Streams And Rivers Safely
15.Understanding The Psychology Of Desperate People
16.Maintaining Light In Dark Conditions
17.Survival Nutrition And How To Meet Your Requirements
18.Opening A Can With A Can Opener
19.Tips For Surviving A Riot
20.Basic Metalworking Skills
21.How To Siphon Water/Fuel
22.How To Hot-wire A Vehicle
23.Basics Of Vehicle Maintenance
24.Formulating A SHTF Evacuation Plan
25.Preparing Your Home For Disaster
26.Hiding Supplies In Caches For A SHTF Scenario
27.Developing A Survival Mindset

So there you have it our ultimate survival and prepper skills list! Feel free to comment below if you believe there is something we may have missed! Happy Prepping everybody!

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