Deadfall Traps

What are Deadfall Traps?

If you are lost or stranded in the wilderness your body will need energy to keep going and to keep those energy levels high you will need to eat food. Meat is one of the best fuels for the human body so you will need to learn how to hunt and make traps for your prey. Deadfall traps are more complicated than  Snare Traps but are another tool in the hunt for food in the wilderness. You must be careful setting them up so you do not trigger them yourself and gain an injury. Deadfall traps are often used for smaller animals due to their size.

Bait is often used in a deadfall trap as these traps are typically not used along animal trails to prevent bigger animals  from tripping them and the bait is necessary to entice the prey towards the trap which will be in a spot that the prey will not usually go to and due to this you should use unique bait that cannot be found in the area that you are setting the trap. An example of this would be using  peanut butter as it will peak the preys curiosity.

Here is a youtube video from Primitive Lifeways showing you how to make a Paiute Deadfall Trap

The split stick deadfall trap is one of the easiest traps to make, you can see it in action below

A split stick deadfall traps

Deadfall traps are a great way of catching small animals

This type of trap literally just requires a large rock and two sticks strong enough to support it. Put your bait underneath the rock near the supporting sticks, when an animal goes for the bait it will knock the stick and then be crushed or trapped for you. A very easy trap to make and you can set a lot of these up in a short amount of time if needed.

We will be making our own video tutorials in the future where we will be going through every type of trap and how to make them. If you have any comments or anything to add please leave a comment below!

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